Living with depression

Hey you, Depression. Yes I’m talking to you.

Why did you have to turn a happy kid into such a reckless adult? The last year has been the hardest and I wouldn’t even wish you upon my worst enemies.

You snuck up on me while I was creating who I was and because of that I still don’t know who I am or what I’m doing.

You make me exhausted and want to roll back over to sleep but I can’t live like this anymore! You decide everything about my life, where I go, who I’m with, what I eat or if I even eat at all. Why would I let you control everything about my life?! I can’t even get ready in a morning because you stop me in my tracks to once again remind me how worthless I am but I’ve had enough.

I know how you like to wreck my days but it’s time you go, in a way I sort of liked you and found comfort in you because when everyone had left and the lights went dark YOU depression were there and then you sent your cousin anxiety and I turned into a nervous wreck but I’m done being the victim, yes depression I’m talking to you! You can’t wreck my life anymore because I won’t let you!

You took my sparkle, my smile and my laughter but I’m getting stronger everyday and you’ll see soon enough just how strong I am.

I hope you (depression) find peace within yourself and stop dragging yourself over others.

If anyone suffers with any mental illness there is a way out, you can recieve help and you can get better. Don’t let the monster take your sparkle! xox